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Blood Group type, gender differences and susceptibility to viral infection.

Here is the result of q&a result from my post on Instagram @drkazmawji.

Here is the answer..

In 1927, Takeji Fukurkawa, a professor at Tokyo Women's Teacher's school, postulated that a persons personality is related to their differances in hormones efficiency and Blood type. Here we reason why Blood type A personality is more likely to catch a viral infection. Males and Females respond differently to many RNA and DNA virus infection. Men in general mount 'less' of a robust challenge to virus infection than females do. This is because testosterone, in men suppresses innate immune responce, whilst oestrogen, in females has an immunostimulatory effect. In both SARS and MERS outbreaks more males than females died. They put it down to oestrogen. It protected females from runaway viral infections. This was also seen in Mice research, where females mice faired better. As far as Blood types are concerned, type A is the "coolest" blood type. People with blood type A are givers, suffer from inner turmoil, outgoing, having sacrificed their inner balance, emotionally "reclusive", which all adds up to disrupt their mind-body balance. They have stressed immune system from the word go. Type O (34%) is more common than Type A (32%) in general population. Of which men have higher percentage of Type A than females. Researchers from Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University stated that, in Covid-19 patients, 41% had Type A and 25% were Type O. Crudely combining these facts together, than it was not surprising to find that "Sars-CoV-2-infected patients with blood group A might need to receive more vigilant surveillance and aggressive treatment. However, we await for detail epidemiological study to verify these observations. Take home points: Let me stress that not all males with blood type A will become infected with COVID-19. What ever your blood group type and gender, all are susceptible to viral infections. Wash your hands and follow the government guidelines.

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