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Covid-19 is having a disproportionate impact on Asian communities. Death rate increases daily. Why?

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Reports from GOV.UK indicates that Asian make up >30% of all who have died from COVID-19 to date. This is seen also among Asians who are the frontline workers in NHS, including consultants and nurses. PPE's unavailability is argued as a important possible reason for this outcome.

This is expected to raise further, in Asian communities, as positive cases have risen over the past week.

"We have heard the virus does not discriminate between individuals but there's no doubt there appears to be a manifest disproportionate severity of infection in BAME [black and minority ethnic] people and doctors. This has to be addressed -- the government must act now," Dr. Chaand Nagpaul (BMA Chairmen) told The Guardian.

The local leaders are seeking urgent meeting with all parties including PH UK, and NHS to quickly release data & its interpretation. To help them to improve and implement additional preventive measures, as necessary, in their communities.

Perhaps the most urgent need is to ensure that everyone is strictly “Keeping your distance , Staying at Home, Isolating as advised, Washing your hands”.

Gratefully, local authority have been robust, in triaging with the patients shielding on GOV advice. They are giving financial, material, monitory and physical help. They also have 750 million volunteers, form all over the UK, signed up for this community care purpose.

Overcrowding with three (3) generations of families, living together under one roof is another major reason for easy spread of the virus. Asian are perhaps not fully aware of all the help needed. This should be addressed by their local leaders. Tracing and strict adherence must be seen happening in every household. We have a duty to keep our self and NHS safe. However, there are other reasons too for disproportionate spread and death from Covid i

watch the video.

This will be fully analysed when global information on deaths by race, is collated. Health equalities is now surfacing as of paramount importance and of urgent need for correction in each and every Government’s philosophy. At least in UK, we will see this change taking place at a pace.

See information on this site - "COVID-19 Pictorial guide on staying safe."

Are you following the GOV.UK ' s advice or your Government advice on Covid-19?

MUST do so strictly to avoid family hardship and avoidable deaths. Be Responsible to yourself and Keep NHS safe.

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