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Together we care. Exit Strategy for Covid-19

Together we care. For some, around the world, may have heard of this catch phrase. It was invented in Zimbabwe. From the year 1990's. it was a call for all patients and healthcare providers to join hands inorder to dominate care of people with diabetes.

We are using it again today, come together, and make a sound exit strategy.

Time passes on and so do ideas, people and new serious illness emerges to hit us straight on our face. Many succumbed to COVID-19. We all together, take this opportunity to pass our deepest condolence to their familes and to their respective Nations.

We, lucky ones, have survived. Until now. However, we need to have confidence in order to venture out, to go about our daily business and fulfil our obligations to our family and our nation.

So, here I suggest what our exit strategy ought be With that established will make us confidant to unlock our front door. The last think we want is a second wave and inevitably followed by another lockdown. I want to be free, like the wild horses on plains of this beautiful Earth.

So why don't you and your family take a moment and send us your reply. You can choose all 4 or any combination or the most important important one to you.

So important. Thank you.

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