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You can be 20 kg 0verweight but be NORMAL !

It's the fat inside you that matters not your weight. This is mainly true due to the excess fat that you are tagging around.

No more weight loss programs. Yes it's the %(percent) fat loss program.

It's not the surface fat, some may call it cellulitis, it's the fat inside your body that matters.

It's called the % (percentage) fat. That is, how much fat is inside your body surrounding, the heart, the guts, cover over your intestines, between the muscle fibers and between your skin and the tissues it covers.

That is the FAT that is bad for you.

It causes diabetes, blood pressure, heart problems, cancer, infertility, sleep apnoea, tired all the time, bone & joint pains, and other chronic illnesses.

This beautiful lady in the picture looks 'fat' but is she fat?. She is a big lady, it could be that her % fat is within the accepted range of being healthy.

The question is how do we find that out.

MRI is readily available to assess one's % Fat. BMI is not accurate, Waist circumference is accurate enough but it's not done properly even by the experts.

Do remember, the very lean looking men and women, is also not a healthy option.

That was the saga about Size Zero. Ummm... I hear you say.

So what next?

Certainly do not rush out to buy programs recommended for weight loss, fancy recommend diets, apps like NOON or go to the gym, and so forth. Get to know your % (percentage) fat.

How do you find that % (percentage) fat?

Throw your weighing scale OUT!. I am not keen on these. Just one thing that can put your weight out by Kg's is if you are dehydrated.! when weighing yourself. Try weighing first thing in the morning and than just before bedtime. The weight may vary about 2-3 kg.

The answer is in having an MRI examination. Here it measures with acceptable body % fat. The downside is it exposes you to a high dose of radiation during the examination.

There are machines in the gym that use your body current to measure the resistance of current flow and from it calculate the approximate value of your body % fat. This is good enough for starters.

Ok, so now you know why your friend who looks big has lower body %fat than you do. Great, start a healthy lifestyle.

Heard of Hand portion calorie control nutritional program?

Good, now add intermittent fasting to it.

You have just made your own dietary program for FREE.!!!

Light bulb moment.

Just one more thing to add to make it a complete healthy personalized % fat loss program.

That is Inulin. This is obtained from foods. You can look up all the foods that have these fructooligosaccharides (FOS) in them. It also comes in a powder form.

The pretty thing about it is that it gets your gut back to normal!.

Yes, it builds your Gut microbiota. With it may come healthy organs and immune system.

I am not by any means suggesting that you start eating tones of these to see your self back to when you were a teenager. No not at all.

Its a plan of attaining a healthy weight. Through the personalized program with combination, patients, and perseverance.

Finally, always involve your helath care provider from the start of your personalized %fat loss program.

So the Hand Portion Calorie control programe with intermittent fasting and dietary should be your aim to get to healthy % Fat.

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