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  • Writer's pictureDr K. G. D. Mawji BM MSc.

Vitamins for strengthening your immune system.

No supplement can cure or prevent disease.

NUTRITON BMJ posted an article on value of kept the following vitamins levels up which are lacking in lacking in nearly everyone.

The post was done prior to this publication advising that Vitamin D, C mineral Zinc and magnesium plays a vital role in maintaining the immune system at tiptop condition.

Especially important for people with Diabetes, high blood pressure, who are overweight , pregnant women and elderly.

Magnesium helps your body regulate its zinc levels, while zinc enables it to absorb magnesium more efficiently—it will only hinder absorption when taken in abnormally high doses (around 142 mg of zinc per day).

Foods that contain all these vitamins are also listed as essential part of the diet. Including sunlight.

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