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Secrets keeps you sick.

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Don't hide behind your guilt & shame. This is harmful to your illness and fuels your addiction.

Lockdown is isolating, is frightening and is fuelled by anguish and worry of the invisible enemy’s next move.

It has kept us down and out of our normal life.

So, what is addiction and why we can kick the 'enslaving habit"

The noun, addictus, means indebted or enclaved

Positive reinforcement – once pleasured, repeat need to be pleasured.

Negative reinforcement – once demons silenced , repeat need to silence demons

Relief by – seek, binge, intoxicate, relief, seek again.

Action – up dopamine, up endorphins, up the short lasting good feelings

Result – euphoria, temporary and hyperkatifeia.

Brain – set into automation, reasoning gone, impulse reigns supreme.

What can we do in the lockdown situation?

Lockdown - wishing you luck, from more pain, anguish & doom.

Lockdown & Help – stay connected with keyworker, groups call-video, as many times, during the night, as you need.

In additon seek help from your GP/ call 111 and if your are desperate call 999.

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