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Zimbabwe's Covid stats. Heed the call. Stay safe.

It seems that Zimbabwe is doing what needs to be done to keep this geeky virus at bay.

President Mnangagwa is resolute in flattening the curve and wants to keep it flat.

The current stats are pleasing but its to early to be sure.

The characteristics of this virus has a surprise packed inside its waxy spik envelope.

It's now becoming clear that many countries around the world were caught napping whislt the virus has a field day, infecting hundreds and thousands before reality came to pass.

No doubt, the Zimbabwe scientists are well aware of this emerging and established facts about COVID-19's characteristics. The stats seem to indicate that COVID is being fenced.

The figures of savagery by COVID-19 will only come out in the end.

More test is the way forward, The experience from countries around the world clearly shows that the higher the number of tests done daily, the more it can be constrained in its spread and forward strategic palnning.

Education about how to fence the virus is also of equal importance.

WHO and allied agencies are constantly available for help and advice.

When the President of the country is all on board to keep the numbers down it aguers well for the country's fight against COVID-19.

“From the upward trajectory of infections it is evident that our country is yet to reach its peak [of the number of infection].… I appeal to all stakeholders to continue to appreciate and recognize that the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic presents a continuously evolving health situation that requires extreme caution on the part of the government in order to protect everyone in the entire nation. We would rather err on the side of caution and not on the side of recklessness.  Let’s all play our part,” President Mnangagwa said.

The people of Zimbabwe, it seems have the extra resolve to muster, having been through decades of hardships, to gear up for another natural pandemic. They need all the of the best of luck. But one can only help and advice further to maintain the fence around the COVID-19.

Below is offered some help.

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