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  • Writer's pictureDr K. G. D. Mawji BM MSc.

Diabetic patients with COVD-19 seem to have similar outcome as pateints without diabetes.

Updated: May 3, 2020

Read NEW information about sick rule and diabetes medication at the end of the blog.

The overriding facts are:

The better has been your blood glucose control the better your white cell function to mount a challenge to Covid-19

Younger the patient better the outcome.

Older you are, the accompanying risk factors increases morbidity and mortality and visa vera also applies

The comorbidity in long term diabetics of cardiovascular disease and chronic renal failure argues against better outcomes, and visa versa also applies.

There is an individual difference in the severity of the illness, Also depends on the type of COVID-19 Infection.

Have any individuals with Type 1 contracted COVID-19? we know don't yet.

The moderate category of patients with COVID19 will most certainly need the rigid application of sick days rules.

Dehydration is the single most important outcome that a sick diabetic needs to know. They get dehydrated because of the initial rise in blood glucose which makes them pass more urine. Because patients at this stage are also very unwell with depressed appetite, thirst, and raised temperature, they need to follow sick day rules about hydration.

What you need to do without hesitations are these 3 things:

1. Monitoring of blood glucose

2, ketones

3. pulse rates all apply as per sick day rules.

Write them in your diary. You may be doing them when well anyway, but it's vital to do so during sickness. It gives you a head start to continue managing your diabetes.

Sick day rules applies

Apply sick day rules for mild/moderate symptoms of COVID-19. if symptoms are severe your admission to hospital may be urgent.

You're toolkit if you are Type 1 diabetic but the same also for type 2 diabetic.

How to take each medication needs to be explained under sick day rules.

See the chart below.

For example if you have lost your appetite, your GLP-1 may be stopped or replaced. If you are on SGLUT-2 and you are dehydrating and/or very unwell, applies to both T1DM and T2DM, you need to stop them as it can cause ketoacidosis (medical emergency).

Right now:

you should be getting your glucose under control. Your sick rules updated if you have not already done so.

Getting rid of your confusion about how to use your medications and when to seek help.

Getting your toolkit / your charger for the phone all in order and contact details of your diabetes management team. Ring them for assistance at any time when you are concerned.

New information:

The better has been your blood glucose before contracting COVID-19 virus the better your outcome for recovery.

Always consult your healthcare professional when in doubt.

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